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Expanding your AI business to the Netherlands: a deep dive into the Dutch AI landscape

Künstliche Intelligenz in den Niederlanden: Wie können deutsche Unternehmen entsprechende Aktivitäten im Nachbarland aufbauen? Welche Geschäfts- und Kooperationsmöglichkeiten bestehen? Unsere niederländischen Partner im Enterprise Europe Network laden ein zu einer Online-Infoveranstaltung inklusive Kooperationsbörse.

Interested to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands? The event “Expanding your AI business to the Netherlands: a deep dive into the Dutch AI landscape” will offer insights into the Netherlands as destination for European AI companies. What are the trends, opportunities and challenges and what have been the experiences of other companies? What are the benefits of joining the Dutch market and how can you do so?
Apart from contributions by well-renowned AI experts such as Max Welling, this event will address several initiatives in the Netherlands one can participate in. There will also be ample opportunity to ask your burning questions regarding AI in the Netherlands. Our online marketplace moreover offers you the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with relevant parties for your venture into the Netherlands, such as the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

We particularly recommend the participation of European companies, interested in international cooperation with and expansion into the Netherlands in the field of AI.
The event will be conducted in English and is free of charge. Moderation is in the hands of Marloes Pomp (Dutch AI Coalition).

This event is hosted by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

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